Some children will never be able to pay back the hardships and sacrifices of their parents and the parents are not supposed to expect their children to take care of them in the end. But to a loving and caring children, it’s all apt to them if they will look back at the hands who rocked their cradle in the beginning.

When an old patient with prostate enlargement visited her beautiful gastroenterologist, the latter did a rectal exam to confirm the finding. After doing the exam, the patient asked the doctor how many fingers did she inserted and when the doctor said only one finger, the patient requested the doctor to do it again using two fingers because he needed a second opinion.

Doctors do have fun too. As I do my morning rounds in the hospital today, I met 2 great doctors who are masters in their fields of specialty. The gastroenterologist said that he saw an elderly patient in the office with hypertension and high cholesterol. He advised the patient to avoid eggs starting that day. The next day, the orthopedic doctor saw the patient walking in the lobby with legs far apart from each other. And when the second doctor asked the elderly patient why? the patient said that his gastroenterologist advised him to avoid his egg because of high cholesterol.

We can choose our partners in life but not our family members and no matter how bad our blood line is, they are still our family. If our family doesn’t like our partner, we can always ask for an explanation why but it’s not just to be treated as an outcast right away. Rumors are here to destroy relationships and for as long as the information does not come directly from the devil’s mouth, it will stay as rumors that are destructive and adulterated.

I used to rant everywhere I go each time I see a long queue. I conclude right away that perhaps the staff is inefficient or the system is old and needed replacement or to be updated. Last night, after our lecture on Transportation Laws, I realized the gravity of the responsibilities of the carrier company in case a liability and negligence will happen to a customer or client. Perhaps, checking in at the airport is a mere handing of a ticket or ID but the airline responsibility is way beyond that. If the luggage is lost or the passenger will get injured, the airline company is responsible for the losses the moment the passenger is in the vicinity of the airport. And the only way to avoid such damages is to ensure the proper handling of the customers the moment he enters the vicinity of the carrier. And for a client to understand how important each customer really is to the company, put yourself in their toes.