We usually feel bad at times when we are about to grab an opportunity but we lost it because of some unavoidable circumstances. We tend to blame other people when in fact, there are good reasons why such an opportunity is being missed and we will realise that we are so lucky for not taking it when accidents and mishaps sometimes happened during such opportunity.

It is a sad reality that even if the patient could not afford to stay in a private hospital, they will insist of staying there hoping that their patient will get well only to he shocked by their hospital bill. And even if the doctors and hospital staff will advice their patients, the latter will resist because according to them, money can be found while life could not be restored once lost. That is why good health is very important for everybody.

Our drivers and helpers are humans too who needs recognition and appreciation for their efforts. And though I tried to convince myself that I will survive today and the next succeeding days without my most trusted house staff who is going home to tend to her ailing and dying father, the unfinished chores she left behind are just tremendous: the dirty sala and kitchen, the food to cook for my family for 3 meals a day, the dogs to bathe and feed, the dirty clothes to wash and my second child whom she treated as her own son… how did she do it everyday? Things like these are appearing normal to us because our house staffs are doing it for us but the moment that they are gone, it’s the only time we can feel their presence. They are very indispensable in every household indeed.

Abuse of power and authority by any government officer is unavoidable because the people who voted for such person will demand too much in return. That is why, it is actually harder to say No than do the wrong thing if ever a person will ask even for a small favor. Indebtedness is priceless and the moment you refused to do a favor, the good name you built for a long time will be destroyed by just one taint which you did not expect to happen.