A day should not be over if we have not accomplished something on that day. It doesn’t have to be visible or something big to brag about. After a stressful court hearing which took me 3 hours, I started my morning rounds so late and ended up very late to arrive at my clinic. And as I examined my patients by turns, a beautiful lady mayor in her sixties was a bit irritated when I started to take her history and it took me 30 minutes before I gained her attention, but it was only after scolding me for not seeing her yesterday and queuing long at my very hot waiting room. As she was about to leave my room, she turned back to thank me for seeing her today with a comment that though she can afford to see other doctors in their place and here in the city, she still patiently waited for me. Sometimes, it’s not the comfort or convenience which keep the patient to see the doctor. It’s more of the rapport and trust knowing that others are probably brighter and are readily available.

When everything seemed to be falling apart and the only source of hope is a glimmer that is gradually fading on a lonely starless night, tossed by the tiny waves in the middle of the sea, far far away from the shore until it can no longer be seen by our naked eyes, a bright golden colored light will rise slowly from the East to bring some good news and hope to each and everyone. And for as long as the sun will continue to shine everyday, our chance of a better life will stay, knowing that after a heavy rain is a rainbow that adds color to a brighter tomorrow.

Our own priorities differ from that of other people. This thing may seem needed by us when in fact it’s not actually necessary to others. While shopping at Lander’s, my youngest son was crying so hard because he wanted a toy so badly which he already owned at home actually. And when I asked him why? It turned out that what we have at home is colored black and the one he asked was blue, his favorite color. Petty things like this happen to us at anytime and if we will insist on what we believed is right, we will never understand the reason why the small things may mean so big to others.

Bigger roles means greater responsibilities, dedication and commitment for us to be effective. And if we desire such a role, we should prepare and properly plan ourselves to fit in that role. We may succeed in taking over more deserving people for the role but sooner, we will realize that we are only insulting instead of gratifying ourselves. It’s not easy to function and do such a role when we are not really ready afterall.

We should not judge the people whom we meet every now and then. Today, as I was taking the hotel taxi to the airport, I never thought that I will be taken by a driver who actually owned the car I’m riding. He was a man in his 70’s, good looking for his age, about 6’5 tall and very soft spoken. And when I was about to get out of the car, I happened to ask him his nationality and purpose in coming to the USA. And will all humility, he answered that he’s an Egyptian who migrated to the US 30 years ago and owned the limousine car company. Good thing, I haven’t given him the tip. I don’t know how to handle my feelings by then.

I had a very funny experience with my judge professor last night. In his lecture, he explained to us how a court hearing goes. A 9 year old boy named Pedro came to school with a right black eye. And when the teacher asked, the boy answered that their house is so small so that they dined and sleep together in just one room. Last night, he overheard his father asking his wife to start having sex but the wife said, not yet because Pedro is still awake. The father insisted so that Pedro said, I’m still awake Pa and the father hit Pedro’s right eye. The teacher, who seemed worried told Pedro just to pretend to be asleep next time so that he will not be hit by his father. After 3 days, Pedro came to school with 2 black eyes this time. And when the teacher asked him, Pedro said that he followed what the teacher advised, only this time he heard his mother mumbling I’m coming, I’m coming and the father answered, wait for me, wait for me. Pedro, who was still awake but pretended to be asleep shouted, can I come with you. And the father hit Pedro in the left eye. This is a very sad truth about our kids who are exposed to early violence and sex. And if this happened to a thousand of families nationwide, I don’t think family planning will work knowing how eager kids are to try on their peers what they see at home early in life.