Our siblings probably are our main competitors for our parents love and affection but in the end, they are the people who will rally for us all throughout our life. We may disagree and argue with them all the time but this does not mean that we disrespect them. It’s just common and normal for families to have some misunderstandings but this should not stop us from seeing and loving each other. We are of the same blood line and as one we stand in life.

Be glad that your kids will ask you for your opinion on something today for soon they will not need it as they grow bigger everyday. Your wisdom might be different from that of your kids but believe me, theirs is actually wider in scope and you will be amazed how different your life in the past than theirs of today.

Don’t underestimate the wisdom of the young. And as I was watching a movie filled with suspense and thrills, I was mad at my 9 year old son because he tend to go ahead of every scenes. Though it was his first time watching it but it seemed that he already knew the story. When I asked him how did he know it, his answer was common sense. It appeared that it’s me who lacks it by then.