If it does not involve me

Why bother?

Why should I care?

Let them bleed to death

It will not matter really

But when the incident happened to me,

I was at the top of my voice, shouting

Help! Help!

But nobody heeds me

I was at a loss and very lonely

For the first time, I asked myself

Am I a good neighbor?

How can I expect others to help me?

When I was so selfish and proud?

I would rather close my door to people

Who are useless to me?

I don’t need them anyway

I was wrong, by the way

It took me a major blow

Before I realized my big mistake

Lesson learned the hard way

Is not easy to forget

Everybody needs somebody

Even the strong and the mighty

And if you think that you can stand alone

Then you are very wrong

No man is an island

He will be lonely if he’s alone

Like the pen that needs a paper to write on

For even waves needs to kiss the shore

Just like the stars and the moon

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