Even a small ray of light is big enough to bring back the fading hope of a man who is beginning to give up. And when a drop of water touches a barren soil, it signifies the coming of rain when in truth, it was just the sweat that touches the ground from the body of a tired person who was running for his life from a stray dog that is ready to eat him whole. When a man is to chose between two evils to survive, he will gladly take the lesser one hoping that he can grab that little chance.

The youngest child is said to be the pampered kid, sometimes spoiled and often loved by everybody but not my son Janwell. Since his birthday is held a week after New Years Day, which is right after a very long vacation with lots of parties, he never had a party which is similar to his 2 older siblings. Yet, he’s very happy and contented to blow a small candle on top a ready made cake and proud to accept a ten peso worth of toy for as long as he can invite all his cousins on his birthday. As a parent, I felt a bit guilty on this sad truth but one thing sure though, I don’t play favorites. Each child is special and unique and it’s all apt to us to tap their undiscovered potentials. And to my youngest son Janwell, a very happy birthday and may you will grow according to God’s will.

Our personal vested interest will often determine our response and judgment to any situation. And in politics, there are no permanent enemies as mortal enemies in the past administration are now the best of friends in the coming election. It’s the benefit we get in a deal which will keep us going with so called friends and the public interest is just a good excuse to convince people on what side they are going to follow. I still have to see a person who is true to his word and will choose death above anything else.

Family values no matter how strong during childhood will always be tainted the moment something of value is at stake and in question. I had an 84 year old rich widow patient who had 2 sons and 2 daughters all married and successful in their lives. But when the mother got sick and all her money and properties were evenly distributed to the 4kids, their true colors came out to the extent that they had to bring home their sick mom thinking that she was terminally ill with no chance to recover. And on the day that my patient left the hospital, she whispered to me and cried asking me what wrong she did to her kids. And inspite of that, she willingly forgave her children and even said a prayer not for her but for the 4 of them.

We can fully understand a person’s feelings towards a certain prized object only by the moment we put our feet in their shoes. There are people who will skip a meal in a day so that he can save a little money in order to buy an iPhone 7. To us it’s not that big deal but for that particular person, it’s such a big one. We may judge that person as irrational, probably crazy but that’s what will make him happy. And for as long as he doesn’t steal or do bad things just for him to get what he cherished most, then let him be. We have our different desires in life and some are just too frugal while others are whimsical.

In the present era where it’s so easy to make fake documents as authentic and unravel so called secrets, we can no longer determine true lies from truth. And though a lot of people are posting on their walls messages and informations that are scary if not demeaning to a certain individual, time will come when everybody will be fighting against each other openly on the net for the public to witness just because of false accusations which can appear believable and true.