Siblings may come from the same parents but they are not necessarily identical when it comes to their personality and being. My first born is of the silent type, though very talented but prefers to be just on the background or at the sides. She does not ask for expensive things and would rather look at the price of an object instead of the brand. My second child is more of the outgoing type, very talkative like me and prefers expensive items. He thinks that the price does not matter for as long as he likes it and he usually get his information about dear objects from his rich classmates. He always ask for a prize in exchange for his good grades and he will not stop until he gets it. My youngest child is the “does not care” type, very practical, simple and easy to please child. He is very active and so easy to gain a friend. His only problem is he does not bother to ask for the name of his newly found friend. Because of their varied personalities, these 3 children usually disagree on things. There was even a time when i asked each one where to eat for lunch, my youngest wanted Jollibee, the second child prefered KFC, the eldest wanted McDo and we ended up eating at Larsian. We don’t have to please them actually.