Family is still family no matter what happen. Their failure is also our failure and their success is ours to celebrate too. There are times when we are about to give up especially when things go rough and our own family is the one causing it. We can’t help but ask why of all people, our family is the one causing us much pain, trouble and headaches. And as usual, it’s our parents to blame for cuddling the offender. And for as long as we have not reach their stage as parents, we will never understand why our parents loved us so much inspite of the troubles and dishonor we brought to them. We are not alone in this world with such a problem. Others have worst experiences than us and if we compare our family with other people, we can never find peace in our lives. I still believe in the blood that binds our family and now is not yet time for us to understand. Perhaps the culprit is just being used as a reason for better things to come like Judas to complete the sacrifices of Jesus. If it’s not for him, our sins will never be forgiven.

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