Couldn’t sleep right away

A lot of things are bothering me

Exams, recitations etc.

These are driving me crazy

Why am I doing this to me?

When my life was just okey initially

Pride, power, fame!

Does it really matter to me?

The answer is yes, probably

But No, actually

I’m just so happy and glad to be back in school

To see young faces

And become like them too

Sometimes, happiness is not about being okey

But it’s about being contented in what you do in everyday

When a thing is present in our midst, we don’t want it

But when it’s gone, we will start looking for it

This is the irony of life

We usually love a person

Who doesn’t even care to love us back

Yet, we even love that person more

Such a crazy love!

Why keep on looking at a distance?

When that thing you’re looking for is just in front?

Why keep on trying to reach the star?

When you already have the sun and the moon?

Life is just like that

Always incomplete… and not perfect!

The more you try your best

It will never be good enough at least!

It’s not good to force somebody to do what we want them to do. As an individual with a proper mind, we can only make a suggestion but never enforce a person since at the end, it will be the person who will suffer the consequences and not us who make the suggestion. And for our children who need our supervision, it is our role to guide them and lead the way, hoping that they will not choose the wrong way. And in case that they are still undecided, then we can always show them the risks, benefits and their involvement if ever they will try on something. Let’s not forget that our intention is for them to be happy and successful in the future. Fame and prestige are not part of our goal although it will just come naturally once they have reached their destination.