We have no right to end one’s life and it’s not within our power to stop a man from being alive. Every human being has the right to live and even the person who wanted to end his life has no right to ask somebody to aid in his death. I has been asked by a lot of patients and their relatives to end the suffering of a patient on a lot of occasions and so far my answer is consistent, No to mercy killing and more so now that I am taking up Human Rights Law. Every man deserves to live and I am just so glad to be alive.

If the cause of your problem is a person who plays a very important role in your life, you will never be able to solve your problem if you will not tell him. Oftentimes, that person who cause you troubles are not even aware of your worries. Open up, share your bitterness for It will only accumulate if you will keep your problems to yourself and it will be too late if left unabated.

If a problem seemed too big to be solved at the moment, take a rest and get some sleep since it’s not good to think about it if our mind is tired and so stressed. We will not be able to see the bright side if our mind is so focused on one thing forgetting the fact that sometimes, problems will come in crops and it’s solutions are also interrelated.