A useful person is as sweet as honey or as good smell like the perfume when still functional and youthful but the moment his youth starts to wither and his weakness begins to show, he is as stinky as the dead fish or as foul as a corpse and not even a relative or friend is willing to take a peek. What goes around comes around, and the sun does not shine all the time everyday.

Sometimes, it’s us parents to blame when our kids will go wayward. If we expect too much from our children and the latter will not come up to our expectation, our children will resort to other ways instead of coming to us and admit their inadequacies. In moments like these, our children need our understanding and presence as a friend more instead of being a parent. And if we always insist our desire to our children or even decide for them, time will come that we will be causing more harm instead of helping. We should not equate love with a luxurious life in our absence. And in the minds of young children, they will remember our faces and familiar voices during frequent encounters more instead of the gifts we have given.

Gratitude is now a missing trait among our youth. And when my working scholar landed in a good paying job after graduation, her mother who used to work with us just left me without saying her goodbyes. I am not the kind of person who will hold a person from having a good future, but atleast I am given an ample time to find a replacement. When we help somebody, we have to do it wholeheartedly with no strings attached and it’s all up to the beneficiary to look at back gratuitously.