It’s probably invading the privacy of other people when we are trying to ask so personal questions but for me to understand the nature of my patient’s problem, I really have to ask such questions so that I can make my strategic plan in addressing the problem. Oftentimes, it’s not the physical illness which causes my patient’s heartaches. And when I asked a still very attractive 70 year old male about his girlfriend which referred to his wife, jokingly he answered back which one, the old or the young? Without him knowing, I knew that he has a young girlfriend which I thought was a secret between me and his wife. And when he opened it up, I started to ask him more questions which confirmed the informations I got from his wife 15 years ago. To my patient’s amazement, he gave me a high 5 knowing that I’m not just his doctor but a friend who kept secrets for a very long time.

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