It’s not wrong to be different for as long as we comply to the standard norm established by the society to where we belong. And being a free spirited person is not actually a liability for as long as that person is happy to be misunderstood and left to be alone. We don’t need the approval of other people in order to live a life but we need to work along with them to lead a peaceful life.

Patient’s right is violated the moment a doctor insists on performing a test without his consent. But what about the doctor’s right to do the test which will aid in the management of the patient? How can a doctor protect himself from future lawsuit each time a patient will refuse a test? A lawyer patient told me that even if he will sign a waiver of refusal, it does not divest the doctor from future liabilities. Our laws are supposed to protect human rights but in this case, it seemed that doctors are less protected when compared to a patient.