The Filipinos are known to be a peace loving and submissive citizens. And because of our love for our country and it’s people, we tend to be indifferent even if we are already badly hurt that extend to the bone. We are taught by our elders to follow orders before we can complain, so that others will usually abuse it, and still we are thankful to them. We find relief in our jokes and we forget easily the hardships we encounter so that no matter how bad the things will go, and how wrong things will get worst, we survived, wept for a moment and stood up, as we ready to start life all over again. We don’t want to get involve as much as possible but we are very good at criticizing and glad that if anything will happen, it’s not us who will be suffering. We are resilient but more of apathetic upto a certain limit, but when the right time comes and the moment is ripe enough to burst, we became courageous and start marching on the streets shouting we can no longer take it anymore. Only by then, people from the rest of the world will appreciate the goodness in our hearts. We are Filipinos and it feels good to be one.

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