Life is so short and is such a great waste if we will dwell on the negativity of other people. Perhaps this kind of people are just so privileged to be called as masters but it doesn’t mean that they also own our being. They can tell us what to do and provide punishment when it’s due but they don’t have the right to take away the self respect every person truly deserved. And if ever today they are on top, perhaps next time they will experience to be down because real life is like a wheel that will continue to roll until it come to its final stop.

Death is inevitable when all the major body organs are failing. And if the dying is an elderly who enjoyed life to it’s fullest, I’ll be the first person to break the harsh message to the family but if the dying is still young with a good chance of full recovery, I’ll be the devil advocate who will insist on doing all the life saving measures to improve the patient’s status and outcome. Today, I saw a daughter crying when I told her to let go of her dying elderly mother. Being in and out of the hospital for the past 2 years, I could understand her great love for her mother. And though she pretended to be strong and ready at anytime but the thought of losing her mother soon makes her chose to continue with the present aggressive form of treatment. She still hope that with the small chance of survival, her mother will be that nil part. God do miracles and I hope that He will grant my patient with such.