I’m tired of making resolutions because I know that at the end, I will just break it. I’m done with high school assignment and the grades will not matter to me anymore. Life is real and it’s not only about making plans but is more of implementing that plan and finishing it. I have to move on and focus on the bright side of life. Nothing will happen to me if I will dwell on the past.

Nobody has it all. A man maybe rich but it doesn’t mean that he is happy automatically since his worries are probably bigger than anybody else’s. A poor man maybe lacking financially but perhaps, he is happier than anybody else if he is contented of the meager things he has. Oftentimes, friends and patients will ask me what gift I desire? My answer is still the same, I am just happy to receive any because it’s the thought that counts though I’m glad to wear the things i got.

Money can buy probably all the material things we desire but not the loyalty and sincerity of a person. It can pay the hospital bills but it can not restore the good health once lost. It can buy the things that can bring superficial happiness but not the true joy which is lasting and more meaningful. It’s the root of all evil and the cause of man’s hunger for power. In the hands of the right and good people, money can do a lot of beneficial things in this world. But in the hands of the wrong people, it’s a major cause of nature and man’s destruction.

Health is wealth and the food we eat is our source of nutrients to maintain a good health. But in our present era of express technology which also include fast foods, the desired nutrients we are supposed to get from the food we eat are all gone and are replaced by the carcinogenic preservatives which are killing our growing population slowly but constantly. It’s not yet late to have a lifestyle change and eating a healthy diet is just one way of preserving a good health.

Parents are responsible for the eating habits of their children. If a child doesn’t eat, the parents will panic but if a child will overeat, the parents will say that it’s just okey when in fact it’s not. I’m a parent who tend to tolerate my 6 year old son’s overeating habit. At one time, I scolded him but when I saw how truly he cried when I withhold his favourite dish, I said to myself that I will let this moment pass but as soon as he is capable of making decisions, I will tell him that what he did is wrong. Hope it will not be late yet.

It’s wrong to try to do our best just to please another person. Sooner, we will get tired and disappointed because what we do is not out of our own volition. Do the things that pleases you first instead of doing it just for the sake of others. For as long as what you do is ethical and will not harm other people, then do it. You will be glad that you did.

In every banquet, we can’t expect everybody to be satisfied and happy. There are some who intentionally go there only to spy and make nasty comments and these kind of people are the insecure and the social climbers. But the good ones are there to honor an invitation from a friend and be a part of a joyous moment. Moments like these will make a very important part of our lives which will be printed in our memories for life. And whether we like the host or not, it is our role to behave appropriately in decorum. We are humans and have feelings too that take offense deep by heart.