Christmas is just around the corner

Christmas is in the air but it seemed that not everybody is ready to welcome Him in our midst. We started decorating our christmas tree at home last October 1 yet and today is almost the end of November and I have not seen the completion of the tall christmas tree at Fuente circle yet. The christmas seasoon is one of my happiest since it’s my only way of giving back to my loved one the blessings I received for the entire year. Yesterday I already started giving gifts to a few of my darling kids and today, I completed labelling all the gifts so that by tomorrow I will be delivering it to all my recrpients. As a child, I really enjoyed receiving gifts from everybody so that now that I’m capable of giving already, I dont want to miss the opportunity. More blessings will come back to us if we give so that I advise everyday to do the same. It’s not in the cost of the gift we give but in the thought that goes with the gift. Believe me,the feeling is really different.

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