A so called rollercoaster life is better than a serene, peaceful life that turns sour at the end. Once in a while, we need some spice to light up our boring life. There’s no such thing as perfect life but we can always settle for a less complicated life.

Just keep on trying

We will only get disappointments when the reality doesn’t come up with our goals and expectations. It’s good to dream for bigger things for as long as we know how to accept fallbacks and shortcomings. Failures and disappointments should make us stronger and aspire to do better.

Keep your promises always

Promises are meant to be done. It’s one way of keeping the trust especially among friends and families. When I promised to do something, I usually put a mark in my heart so that my brain will remind me to do it no matter how busy I will become or hard up my life will appear on that day. Fulfilling a promise will bring joy to the recipient who probably wasn’t able to sleep in anticipation knowing the fulfillment and realization of his wish for that day.

Be decisive, have a check up

Even machines needs a regular tune up to function normally everyday and also the human body whose source of fuel is the food we eat daily. If we can afford to bring our car for tune up, I don’t see the reason why it’s hard or even difficult to bring ourselves for an annual check up? Health is the least priority of almost everybody and oftentimes, it’s too late to realize when our health is already failing and there’s nothing much we can do to restore it’s good state.

Happiness is relative

Sometimes, it takes another person to make some sacrifices for others to be happy. I still remember when I was just a kid, my mother used to look at a beautiful dress worn by the mannequin in a window store. Perhaps, in her mind she looked good wearing it but when the thought of her family crossed her mind, her desire suddenly disappeared knowing that the money could feed more mouth than satisfy a personal need. Happiness is relative and oftentimes, making other people happy makes us happy too.