The dead come back just to say sorry

Some dead will come back because of an unfinished business. Being abandoned by my father when I was only 15 years old after he got married for the second time, my hatred was this much. Because of this bad situation, I had to fight for my life to survive, but I never thought that I will reach this far. Even when he was already dying, he never asked forgiveness from us his kids. And if dreams are expressions of our hidden desires, then my father was able to reconnect with me. Almost every night in my dream these past few days, I will see my father as a very healthy loving person whom I really loved so dearly. There was even an episode where I kissed him all over his face just like when a person missed somebody for a very long time. My family was a happy one in my dream, which is the exact opposite of what really happened then. Perhaps, that’s how my father asked forgiveness from me, because when I was a child, he was a very good father to me and my family. If not for my mother’s death, he will remain as a good father to us all. But that was history already.

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