A parent that could not sleep

It’s very hard to pretend to be asleep when all this time, you’re very much awake. When my daughter was only 8 years old 6 years ago, she asked if she can have her own room. Me and my wife agreed to give her one upstairs. And after staying up on bed for 6 hours with eyes wide awake undecided on what side of the bed will I sleep , I felt like being tortured since sleep didn’t arrive at all. Couldn’t contain anymore my restlessness, I got out of bed and went upstairs without knowing that my wife was at my back. When she asked where I was going, I answered to the comfort room, but there’s a comfort room downstairs and I was going upstairs to where my daughter slept. As we opened the door, we found our daughter snoring. She had a very good night sleep while her parents didn’t have. Since that day until today, my daughter still sleep with us. It’s actually us who couldn’t sleep without our kids.

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