A house is not a home if you’re alone

It’s difficult to pretend to be okay when in fact we are not. And no matter how hard we tried to look good, the windows of our soul, the eyes will manifest the sorrow we tried to hide. Today I saw my patient who used to be jolly and gay, but the moment she entered my clinic, I noticed her eyes to be gloomy. And when I started to ask her very personal questions which we used to talk, she bursted into tears and said that her husband is no longer coming to her home and it’s been 3 years already. There are several reasons why a man will look for another womb and it’s not all the time that the man is at fault. And before we judge anybody and hurt the feelings of the aggrieved, it’s always worthwhile to examine and ask ourselves what is our contribution to the mistake that happened. Irreconcilable differences are just superficial excuses which we are supposed to consider the moment we entered the sacrament of marriage. If we can sacrifice the twenty years of our life in going to school everyday why can’t we extend our patience in keeping the family home we can call our own? Marriage can work only if both parties have an open line at all times. And once that line is terminated or blocked, it’s easier for the access lines to take over. And as they say nowadays, a girl can go to bed with a stranger even with just a cell phone load.

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