My dream wedding

Weddings are supposed to be solemn and simple. Today, I witnessed an exchange of marriage vows that took a decade of courtship and eventually ended in up church. I used to hear from people in the past that longer courtship doesn’t last forever, but this one defies it. And during the wedding ceremony up to the reception, I can feel the tension in the eyes of the couple and their parents. In fact, the groom’s mother and sister barely ate their lunch as they move from one table to another just to see to it that everything will be fine. And as the vibrant host tried to excite everybody, I can see that the life of the party really depended on an agile host. And the funny part is when the couple are being asked on their first date which elicited different answers but correctly answered by the groom. Indeed, men remembered momentous events while women are very good in details as they try to refresh in their minds the exact scenario and setting. As a very traditional and super conservative person, I will prefer a wedding that truly depict a happy moment. And if ever the couple are rich, I will go for a simple but romantic ambiance since grand reception is not just costly but very stressful and a yearlong preparation can never justify the few hours affair which will just be forgotten by the guests but remembered only by the couple. The true essence of wedding is in the binding of two hearts that will soon become one, of two very different individuals who pledged to God to stay together through thick and thin and only death can put asunder.

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