Wedding anniversary

On this same day today, fourteen years ago, I decided to take my vow of a lifetime commitment that has changed my life totally. On this day too, I am not alone anymore since I finally found my friend who will share with me her dreams. Beginning today, I will travel my path on this earth with her and we are not scared to wander anymore no matter what lies ahead. We will try our best to be worthy of God’s grace and share our blessings with the rest. We might stumble and fall but for as long as we will help each other, we will stand up and continue our journey. We wont mind how many times we will pass this rocky way for soon we will reach our home where our kids will greet us the moment they will see us. They are the precious gifts given to us by God and no matter how naughty they will turn to be, they are the source of all our strength and joy.

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