Till death do us part

Woman, love your man and till death you two part. Today, my heart is like being stabbed when a so called good for nothing husband has a heart attack and the battered wife has to bring him to Cebu for a 2nd opinion. After finding out that 2 arteries are blocked and the patient needs an angioplasty, the wife can’t contain her feelings but share her secrets to me. It turned out that the husband doesn’t give money to the family for a very long time and the patient’s salary is spent on seeepstakes which cost him atleast 800 bucks a day. There was even a time when the patient gave his daughter a 500 bill worth 20 gran in just one day. But now that the wife needs the money for her husband’s treatment, she has to gather the money from friends and relatives who are willing to help since the husband is already buried in debt. Still sobbing, I asked the wife why she’s doing this after all the bad things that happened to her? The wife said, till death I will stay forever to my husband. That’s a promise I kept in church with God as my witness and the people around me.

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