There is no perfect marriage

There is no marriage which is made in heaven. And no matter how perfect the couples are seemed to be, temptation is just around the corner waiting for the right time to strike at anytime. This can happen to anyone and the worst part is when the person we trusted most is the same person who will take our loved one away from us. Being watchful will not work since temptation can always find time in people once in an illicit affair. And if there is something which will keep the couple’s relationship intact, it’s often the guilt and the thought of the kids who will suffer if things will go wayward. Self control can go out of control at anytime. Peace of mind will sway once in a while. Trust in oneself can turn into a condom the moment the devil will take its irresistible form. It’s prayers and the thought of God’s presence which will keep the couple free from such sin.

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