The Toblerone that is hard as stone

I am the kind of person who is very happy to receive a gift from anybody, although oftentimes, I am guilty of not remembering the gift given to me. Sometime in 1998, I was given a big box of gifts from my patient who just arrived from the USA. Because we have not seen each other for 10 years, my patient accumulated all her gifts to me in a big box which I didn’t bother to open. I was just so glad to look at it everyday in a box with the ribbon and wrapper intact and I don’t want to destroy the ribbon and the wrapper since it was really nicely wrapped. Each time my patient will ask me if I liked the gift she gave me, I will just say yes thank you and pretend to use it when in fact, I never opened it. After my marriage in 2001, my wife happened to arrange all my things in the room. And when she saw the box, she opened it and was surprised to see the contents. There was a Nike polo shirt, a neck tie, a perfume, a sling bag, a pair of pants and socks, a wallet and several boxes of toblerone that turned into a stone because it was really very hard. And when my wife asked me why I didn’t open it, I just smiled and said that I just want to look at it that way everyday. Lesson learned, we should open our gifts to be sure that it’s not perishable. Otherwise, it can be a bomb which can explode at anytime.

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