The thought of Kidnapping is killing me really

Our people’s response to the possibility of kidnapping is still very primitive and inconceivable. As I was shopping at a famous mall in town yesterday, I couldn’t contain my emotions when all of a sudden I lost sight of my 9 year old son. Although I knew that he was with his nanny, my fear just grow stronger when I could not contact her phone. And when I went to the customer service and asked for help, the manager although very friendly and nice but was indecisive. When I told her that I wanted to see the security camera, she just shook her head which meant no to me. While I was waiting for an hour already, worried thoughts played in my mind like contacting DU30 if only I have his direct line. As a parent who watched movies like Taken, I couldn’t avoid myself to panic and feel really scared. Good thing, God answers prayers, and in 30 minutes I saw my son crying who just came from a store outside  the mall without telling us. He has no idea how scared I am this time.

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