Once in a while we have to give in to our kids’ desires

We are now living at the present times when so many things can be accomplished in an instant. Our present generation doesn’t know how to wait anymore so that a small glitch can cost the life of an individual. And with the advent of FB, we can see a teen committed suicide live just because of a little misunderstanding with a parent or a small thing he deemed important but impractical for the parents to grant. We lost the value of life and waiting is no longer a part of a virtue. I remembered one day, I saw my son waking up so early on a Sunday and when I asked him why? my wife answered that she promised my son to buy a PSP. But when I saw the price, I couldn’t help but confront my wife only to see my son with a very heavy heart. Not to disappoint my son, I bought the PSP on one condition, no more game zone on Sundays and good grades from now on, which he strictly complied. We’ve been to difficult times and we don’t want our kids to suffer the same but it’s wrong to give them everything if they will not work their part of the deal.

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