Problems will just come in at anytime of the day. It can happen to anyone and does not care who you are and what you are doing. Ironically, it arrives to a person’s life when that person have a tons of problems already. And oftentimes, it occur when the earlier problems are still ongoing and it seemed that a person’s patience is also waning and you are about to give up everything.

The worst thing that can happen to a person on a Monday morning is when the moment you come out of your room to start the day’s work and your helper will give you a lot of bills to pay and tell you a lot of problems: monthly village fee, electric and water bill, cellphone and telephone bills, clogged CR, etc. and all you can do is take a sigh and ask why of all days, this happens on a Monday when you are just about to start the first day of a long weekday. A lot of things can happen to our life everyday and all we can do is to prepare and be ready to face all the challenges.

A routine day may turn out to be different if you are only open minded to everything. And while I was preparing my things for school tomorrow, my 7 year old son approached me thanking for the red plastic school organizer I gave him with a comment, why did I give him a red colored one when his favorite color is blue since he’s a boy? Don’t know how to answer him, he opined that he thought I was mad at him for misbehaving in church earlier but he’s glad anyway that instead of punishing him, I gave him a reward. He giggled knowing that he’s so much loved.