Lack of discipline is not the real problem among us Filipinos. It’s not even ignorance, poverty or laziness but our quest for instant fame and popularity even without exerting the necessary efforts. Majority of us wants to be recognized and appreciated for something without realizing that in doing so, we need to pull down somebody’s back and run over other people’s rights and privacy. With ignorance, we can always go back to school and learn while we can find a lot of jobs to ease our poverty if we are not only lazy. And the worst thing that we can do is by taking personal credits on the things which are done by other people.

If we truly care for our country’s welfare, we provide a better option or offer a suggestion to solve our present crisis instead of criticizing the government all the time. Rallying on the streets, destabilizing and sabotaging our economy will paint a bad image for our country while giving the public a fake news will scare future investors and tourists to come in. It is undeniable that our economy is now at it’s lowest state and these present bombings and threats of another bombings to unseat our president is not the best solution at this moment. Our prayers will be wasted only if the motive behind it is to harm another. Why couldn’t we focus on true peace and support the present leaders instead of insisting on putting in our choice and cause more chaos in the end? Give our president the chance to finish his term and be good enough to win the electorate so that the public will vote for you in the coming election. Mind you, 4 years will be over soon and your reign will start the beginning of a new and brighter Philippines.

To all the responsible parties of this recent Naga tragedy, stop pointing fingers! Remember that when you do that, 4 remaining fingers are pointing at you. Take the blame, be man enough to admit that even if you are correct that the Naga tragedy is a natural disaster, look at the bald mountains and use your common sense. The body of evidence is so great that even a non grader will say otherwise. How could you sleep at night enriching your pocket while the poor stricken families are crying for the loss of their families and loved ones? Tragedies like these will never happen if you are only diligent and efficient in doing your job. You deserved a life imprisonment and a plea of guilty and public apology will ease the public’s anger probably.

The tragedy that happened in Naga today does not differ from that of Benguet, Baybay Leyte, Cagayan and in other parts of our country before. More and more tragedies are going to happen if our government officials will continue to be blind, deaf and corrupted by these illegal loggers and miners. It needs a strong teeth and an iron will for our leaders to implement strictly what is in the laws and guidelines and just because a company owner is the best friend of a high ranking official, the laws are disobeyed, bypassed or ignored. We need the likes of Gina Lopez who is not scared to implement the law but sad to say, she was not appointed because of some unsettled political issues, just like our president who gained more enemies instead of support from his people because he angered the gods who are more powerful and capable. These tragedy may bring sorrow and sufferings to the affected but to the culprits who benefited from the beginning, they will continue to think that they are as untouchable as ever. It’s time to teach these people a lesson. It’s not easy to lose a loved one and the pain is even harder if you have a vivid memory just a while ago before the tragedy happened.

Don’t lift your own chair, a patient told me

once at my clinic. If you’re really good, why should you advertise and tell the whole world, en rem in law parlance. Let the people tell other people but not you personally telling them. Once in a while, we can’t avoid but do such thing. Perhaps it’s the gratification and the sense of fulfillment which comes with the achievement especially if we have sacrificed a lot and did our best to reach our goal. Let others die in jealousy but don’t keep the joy within yourself.

Our laws are actually easy to follow but we are just so ingenious in finding ways to excuse us from not following it. The recent viral video of a press guy who resist arrest from not wearing a helmet is a blatant example how arrogant a person can be when caught of violating the law and instead of saying sorry for the crime committed, he is so proud to call a father who even consented to his wrong doing.

I am not good in strategic planning but the way I see it, I think our president is up to something bigger in the end. The war on drugs has no end while the so called extrajudicial killings have delivered the message that our president is really serious in his campaign. Though I still see a lot of drug sale in the block market today but atleast, I seldom read news of a girl being gang raped, family being robbed or innocent person being killed in the tabloids. And if not because of a very active net activities by almost all citizens in this country, I will have no idea of how bad fake news can ruin the good works of our president and this present administration. First, he jailed Delima, followed by the quo warranto of CJ Sereno, then he closed Boracay amidst the opposition from the Tourism Industry, revoked the amnesty of Trillanes and now throwing mud at COA. What’s next, I really have no idea but all I know is that our president is inviting more enemies from all sectors of the society, yet no rallies staged by the opposition and religious groups have succeeded to date. I still have to see this coming September 21, which is revered as the ultimate rally to oust our president Duterte. The evil will never win against the right and just though God will allow the devil to tempt and entice His people as a test of fate and love.