Being submissive doesn’t mean that a person is weak and boneless. Oftentimes, it is just a way of avoiding conflicts or troubles. A busy person can do a lot of better things everyday and engaging into a discussion or an argument will not only delay the performance of a task but may also cause a rift among friends, family and colleagues.

Mother knows better. The moment I saw a mother stepped into my clinic today crying, I guessed that she was being bullied. Indeed, she was and by her own daughter. The usual story went that when her daughter was still under her roof, she never had a problem but when her daughter started earning a living, her daughter’s true color surfaced. It’s not that children are supposed to take care of their parents when they get old, but as a mother, she was merely asking respect from her daughter. Getting a job and a better life for children does not warrant the loss of respect every mother deserves. I’d rather live in a nursing home than be a burden to my kids if things like this will happen to me by the time I gets old and disabled.

We are responsible for making a monster out of our loved ones. A widow cried over my shoulder because her son whom she dearly loved strangled her. And when I asked her why? , the widow answered that her son was a drug addict who asked her money to buy drugs. She will just give at first, but later on she realized that all her money and assets were gone already because her son will steal the money and when she was not around, will bring her things of value to the pawnshop. When she confronted her son, that was the time that he strangled her. Good thing, a neighbor passed by and was able to stop the son from killing his own mother. The son was brought to a rehabilitation center for 6 months but was released earlier because the mother missed him. And when the son died of drug overdose, the mother blamed herself for the son’s death. She used to give everything the son want while he was just a child because she thought that money was equivalent to the time she did not have and could buy the affection her son desired. It was too late when she realized that she raised a monster out of that false love.

My professor told our class that in their house, he is a domesticated tiger who terrorize his students in school but is very much scared of the wife, owner. The couple does not have to outplay with each other because at the end, both have the same aspirations and goals in life. And in cases when the wife is smarter and more successful than the husband, then they have to live with that because the fact that both agreed to the contract of marriage, the wife has to abide and submit to her husband but if the husband is more intelligent and successful than the wife, the latter must feel glad because that is life, the husband provides and the wife keeps the home for life.

Lesson in life that I learned from my patient today: be assertive and aggressive and do not let other people control yourself. And if you think that you are right but would rather be silent about it, then you are wrong because you are giving the opponent a wrong impression. Silence does not necessarily means yes while disaggreeing is not an automatic disrespect.

Justice will continue to be evasive if those who know what is right and the truth are silent about it. Even if you have the resources but you are the kind of person who does not care since it does not matter or concern you, you are just like any other disinterested citizen who waits the moon to fall which is next to impossible. But if you wanted to be heard and be counted, come out in the open and show the world that you are a citizen of this country and you too want to change it.