Respect may seem so little or perhaps irrelevant but for those who deemed need it, it is such a big deal that if you will take it away from them, the affected are mad enough and are even willing to end in a fist fight. They forget that respect is earned and never to be demanded. And if you think that you deserve it when it truth you don’t, you just have to let it go to avoid more trouble and misunderstanding.

To the MHAM graduates of 2018,
After a very long time of a seemingly endless struggles, a thousand sleepless nights, a never ending cramming moments with an occasional jamming with friends, you have reached finally the end of the finish line. Today is just the beginning of a new phase in your life. Im sure you will agree with me if I’ll say that it was not an easy ride. By this time, probably you have realized that you wanted to be a doctor because you really want to and not just because you wanted to wear the white robe with a stetoscope around your neck or your parents told you so or perhaps even bribe you. A doctor is called to serve and dedicate his own self for the wellness of the people in the society at anytime of the day. And when a pregnant patient will come to you, you are playing perhaps the role of a friend, a doctor and at times a family. The life of the baby and the mother are in your hands and a little mishap could mean death to each one. That is why we really need to study in order to equip us with the needed knowledge. A lot have tried to enter this hall but only a few have finished. You are not lucky to reach this far because you spent a lot of sweat, blood and tears to survive medical school. You deserved all the accolade but don’t be complecent since you still need to hurdle the board exams. Today is just the beginning of your life as a doctor. More and bigger challenges are coming your way after today so always be ready. I am proud to be a part of your long and winding journey. Congratulations!