Don’t force people to like you because if you do, you will end up such a very miserable and a paranoid person who will never find peace even in sleep. Let the people realize how they wasted such a good person like you. It’s not your loss but theirs for they missed a lot of better opportunities in you. You can live without them while it’s still a big question for them to live without you.

Forgetfulness as an excuse is acceptable only when there is no harm done to anybody. But if we are handling critical positions which requires an immediate response and correct judgement, the right person to do the job must be chosen all the time. Mediocrity has no place in this fast paced world if we intend to level up with our performance but if we are just contented with the status quo, then there is actually nothing that is still left undone.

Be responsible. When we said yes to a commitment, we really have to find our way to fulfil such promise and being sorry is not even commensurate to the damages that will ensue as a result of the failure to execute the assignment. Everybody is busy and proper time management is all we need to keep afloat in this trying times that we are already in.

If we are really listening, we don’t filter the things we are hearing. Good or bad issues, we have to address each issue one by one if we intend to implement change. Nothing will happen if we will focus only on the good side since the bad issues no matter how small is capable of erupting which maybe strong enough to cause a major downfall.